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The Art of Scrimshaw Carving

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The art of scrimshaw dates back to the whaling days over 200 years ago. The intricate hand carvings and engravings done by American whalemen are accepted as America’s most important folk arts. Scrimshaw refers to the carvings or engravings of assorted bone and ivories. Your scrimshaw carving is done on Genuine Shed Antler from Deer, Elk, Moose and other animals that have their Antlers fall off naturally in the spring and grow back through the summer.

The art of scrimshaw developed as months at sea stretched into years. Men’s idle hours were occupied by etching discarded whale teeth and bone with scenes of the voyage and pictures found in books. With the disappearance of whaling, scrimshaw almost disappeared.

This nearly forgotten art is still being kept alive by us the same manner of the gone by days of whaling to create treasures of today and heirlooms of tomorrow.”

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