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Fossilized Prehistoric Mammoth Ivory

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Among the treasures hidden for thousands of years in the remote Arctic tundra of Alaska, Canada and Siberia are the massive ivory tusks of the Woolly Mammoth, ruler of the prehistoric savanna. The skeletons and tusks were naturally interred for eons in the frozen earth. Mammoth ivory is now being used as an alternative to new elephant ivory.

These massive tusks are unearthed many ways. Modern day gold miners dredge up mineralized remains in the course of placer mining activities. We unearth fossil ivory during road construction. Bush pilots spot the huge tusks jutting from ever-eroding river banks while flying over the tundra. Wilderness explorers find the tusks in the melting muskeg. Regardless of the happy surprise of discovery, all of our ivory is mined in accordance with all applicable federal and state regulations.

The beautiful hues of tan, brown and blue are a result of thousands of years of mineralization. Exact hues depend upon the mineral deposits in the immediate soil surrounding the fallen mammoth. Thus, each tusk reveals a unique character, never duplicated in another piece of fossilized mammoth ivory tusk.

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