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Linda Petree - Scrimshaw Carving Artist

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Linda Petree lives in a log and stone home high above Homer, Alaska with views of beautiful Kachemak Bay outside her studio window. Volcanoes and Cook Inlet are to the west and fabulous sunrises over glaciers are to the east. Being a Capricorn, (hence, the company name) she has mountain height, to set upon, with her feet in the sea below. The name, Capricorn Too, came from both her and her husband being Capricorns and her registered name for her Nubian goats.

Scrimshaw took over her life when she moved to Alaska. Linda has been doing scrimshaw for over 20 years. She does commissioned work for custom knife makers throughout the world. Linda has honed her self-taught skills by producing mountains of projects varying different degrees of difficulty. Linda has also taught the art of scrimshaw one-on-one with groups. When asked if she fears the sharing of her secrets, she laughs and replies, “I'm only using the talents I've been blessed with and anyone who cares to work 12 to 16 hours a day, I say go for it. To live in fear is to live without love.”

Linda has a curious mind and loves meeting and experiencing the people of this great land. She honors their beliefs and admires the customs. She also feels a special connection to the earth and wildlife that inhabit it. To her the earth is a living breathing sphere. She derives her strength from the rocks. Her eyes, from the tall people (the trees). Her heart beat from the ocean. Her touch, from the snow flakes and the warmth of the sun. Her creative abilities she attributes to the sunrises and sunsets. Her ability to laugh from the creatures around her. All this she attributes to the great I AM. She believes in God of love who has endowed us all with the same choices as to what we create.

Like the Indian people, I choose to walk the good red road offending none of God’s creatures or creations living in harmony with all.

When growing up I wanted to be a great artist, my life took many twists, turns and detours. I was a single mom until I met my “goat” partner 19 years ago. Little did I know that my canvas would be the fossilized bones and tusks of creatures, some of which are now extinct. Each piece or knife is an individual piece. Many have worked to make this piece; it contains the spirit of us all and the spirit of the extinct animal or one who has shed his horns in spring to await new growth. My love and respect to the many who have contributed to create this piece of canvas for me to add the final touch for you.

Thank you for choosing my artwork, it provides me with abundance in my life which in turn allows me to share my abundance with all.