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"What is it about C. Alan Johnson's Alaska Figurines that attract collectors the world over? Joy, warmth, a certain whimsy...and beneath, a timeless quality. C. Alan Johnson's Alaska Figurines are both endearing and enduring: each piece is a cherished moment captured forever in clay.

In 1961, Johnson and his young family spent a memorable spring whaling season in the small arctic village of Point Hope. Their experiences in Point Hope continue to be the touchstone of Alan's work. His memories, and the feelings they evoke, again and again inspire him to create figurines that embody the spirit of Alaska.

With the help of his wife, Suzanne, the first Alaska Figurines were presented in 1958. The family business includes their son, Keith, and a small staff of dedicated and skilled artisans. Together they produce the beautiful and intricately handcrafted Alaska Figurines.

The results of these efforts are highly prized. Johnson's work, which includes watercolor paintings, prints and bronze sculpture, may be found in private and corporate collection world wide."

~From C. Alan Johnson's Flyers


C. Alan Johnson and his family have retired from making these wonderful figurines! None of them will ever be made again!

View C. Alan Johnson Figurines View C. Alan Johnson Prints