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C. Alan Johnson Figurines

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Every C. Alan Johnson figurine has been entirely hand painted. Please allow for slight differences in the paint and finish.


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Moose Meat John

This figurine is Moose Meat John. He was designed in 1962. He stands 9 inches tall.

Story Teller

This figurine is named the Story Teller. He was designed in 1962. The detail on this piece is incredible. From his face, to the totemic orca on the back of his blanket, it is a treat for the eyes. Story Teller is 8 inches tall.


This figurine is named Kuwana. She was designed in 1962. Kuwana is a happy new mother. She is 5¼ inches tall.


This figurine is named Rachel. She was designed in 1962. She stands 6¾ inches tall.



This cute little guy is named Joey. He was designed in 1962. He sits 4¼ inches tall.


This young man is named Ahtoon. He was designed in 1962. He sits 4¼ inches tall.


This figurine is named Kaipuk. She was designed in 1962, stands 5¾ inches tall.


This figurine is named Silook. He was designed in 1962. He stands 5¾ inches tall.

Seal Hunter

This figurine is named Seal Hunter. He was designed in 1962. Seal Hunter stands 10 inches tall.

The Feast

This amazing piece is called Whale Feast Scene. It was designed in 1963. It stands 6 inches high, 20 inches long. This scene would look great on any shelf!


This young dancer is named Benny. He was designed in 1963. He stands 5¼ inches tall.


This lovely dancer is named Mary. The story is, she and Sahkolik are performing a native dance and the children, Benny, Ruth and Annie are imitating them. She was designed in 1963. Mary stands 9 inches tall.



This wise man is named Tingook. He was designed in 1966 and is one of the largest pieces in the collection. He is 11 inches tall but with the oonok he is 21 inches.



This figurine is named Isaac. He was designed in 1970. Isaac is playing the string came Jacob’s ladder for the children in his tribe. He sits 6 inches tall.


This young fisherman is named Tollu. He was designed in 1970. Tollu is 5½ inches tall.



This figurine is named Naya. She was designed in 1976. Naya is 4 inches tall.


This is Danny. He was designed in 1980. The story is that Danny and Charlie were best friends so they traded hats. Danny stands 6 inches tall.


This little one is named Cora. She was designed in 1980. Cora is 3½ inches tall.


This joyful little girl is named Dinah. She was designed in 1982. Dinah is 4¼ inches tall..


This is Rebecca. There are many choices as to what she is doing. Some say she is pretending she is a bird while some say she is going to fall back and make a snow angel. Rebecca was designed in 1983. She is 5¾ inches tall.


This young dancer is named Ruth. She was designed in 1983. Ruth stands 5½ inches tall.



This figurine is named Matthew. He was designed in 1983. Matthew stands 8 inches tall.



This cute little guy is named Charlie. He was designed in 1984. The story is, Charlie and Danny were best friends and traded hats with each other. Charlie stands 7 inches tall.



This carefree little one is named Naomi. She was designed in 1984. She is 4 inches tall.


This little girl is named Mae. She was designed in 1985. Mae is 5 inches tall.



This young man is named David. He was designed in 1985. David is 4 inches tall.



This drummer is named Amarok. He was designed in 1987. Amarok sits 6¼ inches tall.


This wondrous little girl is named Sophie. She was designed in 1989. Sophie stands 6½ inches tall.


This is Christopher, and his husky puppies. He was designed in 1989. Christopher is 4 ½ inches tall. The husky puppies’ colors are random on each piece but all of the colors are adorable.

Bird Hunter

This figurine is named Bird Hunter. With the pebble and rope weapon, he can take down a bird from the sky. He was designed in 1990. Bird hunter stands 6¼ inches tall.


This beautiful mother is waiting for her husband to return from a hunt. All three of her children are very excited to see their father. The youngest is in a papoose on her back. Waiting was designed in 1991. It is 9¾ inches tall.



This happy little girl is named Nellie. She was designed in 1991. Nellie is 4¼ inches tall.


This figurine is named Jake. He was made for a town in Southeast Alaska called Skagway, because Skagway was the gateway to the gold rush. Jake was designed in 1992. He sits 7½ inches tall.


This berry picker is named Sarah. The story is she collected all the berries and her brother Ahtoon dumped them on his head. She was designed in 1992. Sarah stands 5¾ inches tall.



This dancing man is named Sahkolik. The story is, he and Mary are performing a native dance and the children, Benny, Ruth and Annie are imitating them. He was designed in 1993. Sahkolik stands 9¼ inches tall.



This young dancer is named Annie. She was designed in 1993. Annie is 5¼ inches tall.


Jack and Seeko

This is Jack and Seeko. They were designed in 1993. Nobody other than C. Alan Johnson knows which one is Seeko and which is Jack! This piece is 3¾ inches tall.


Raven Dancer

This amazing figurine is named Raven Dancer. He was designed in 1994. Imagine the impressive size of the headdress this piece was modeled after, and the amount of cedar bark it took to make the costume. The Raven Dancer stands 10 inches tall.



This beautifully detailed piece is named Lisa. She is wearing the ceremonial Chilkat Blanket. Lisa was designed in 1994. She stands 6½ inches tall.


Betsy and Jo

These cute little girls playing on a teeter-totter are named Betsy and Jo. They were designed in 1998. This figurine is 8 inches tall and 9½ inches long.



This young man doing a summersault is named PJ. He was designed in 1999. PJ is 4 inches tall.



This figurine is named Gus. He was designed in 2000 and is jumping into the new Millennium. Gus stands 8 inches tall.



This cute little girl holding her teddy bear is named Abby. She was designed in 2001. Abby is 3¾ inches tall.


This wonderful figurine is named Cyrus. He was designed in 2002. Cyrus is one of his tribes Story Tellers. He sits 7½ inches tall but with his oonok he is 13 inches tall.


These two youngsters are the Sisters. They were designed in 2003. The Sisters are 5¼ inches tall.



This happy-go-lucky little guy is named Eddie. He was designed in 2003. Eddie is 2¾ inches tall.

Basket Weaver

This beautiful figurine is called the Basket Weaver. She was designed in 2003. The Basket Weaver is performing the ancient art of weaving baleen baskets by hand. She is 5¾ inches tall.



This young girl with the husky puppy is named Gracie. She was designed in 2004. Gracie is 3 inches tall.

Ice Mother

This beautiful Polar Bear is called Ice Mother. She was designed in 1990. Ice Mother is 7¼ inches long.

Sitting Cub

This cute little Polar Bear is called Sitting Cub. He was designed in 1986. The cub is 3 inches tall.

Walking Cub

This cute little Polar Bear is called Walking Cub. He was designed in 1986. The cub is 3 inches tall.